Why you need a professional copywriter.

  • By Jim Wilson - Sept. 30th, 2015
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • TrueZeal

Everybody can write. Right?

Well, not exactly. But it’s easy to think so. After all, we all wrote when we were in school. What’s more, we’re all bombarded with advertising messages from everything from our radios and TVs to our phones every day. So it’s easy to think “I can do that.”

But can you? There’s more to advertising copy, especially on the Web, than puns or plagiarism (Got Widgets?). Further, you have to know the rules and when to break them. Writing advertising is a learned, professional skill. You wouldn’t try to program your website without the knowledge to do the job right. But every day, people who don’t write for a living write their own websites. Then wonder why no one clicks or calls.

In the large scope of things, working with a professional copywriter will add very little to your budget. But that’s a small investment that will enhance your company’s brand, as well as increase your response.

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