What is the objective of your website?

  • By Tim Simmons - Sept. 30th, 2015
  • Owner
  • TrueZeal

A better user experience means better business results.

Websites have a couple of practical purposes. They can be dedicated to lead and sales generation. Or they can be for entertainment or social purposes, education and information, or application and user tools. A website can also be a combination of any of these. But ideally there should be one main objective. Stay focused on that objective and you’ll improve your user experience.

TrueZeal has helped clients with every type of website imaginable. But we've seen that sites whose main objective is to generate leads and sales typically want to educate their visitors. There are situations where that’s appropriate. But it pays to remember your site isn’t there to teach. It’s there to sell.

Here’s how to sell more effectively

You already know how to sell. You probably do it every day. But the next time a customer asks you about your products or services, take notes afterwards. What were their questions? What was your reply? If you've been in business long enough, you already know the questions and the answers. In fact, you probably repeat yourself daily.

Next, organize your questions and base the content of your website around them. It’s often helpful to turn to an affordable professional copywriter to make the most of your content. When your copy is complete, it’s time for your web designer to lay out the copy in a clean, user-friendly, professional design.

In conclusion

When you plan your website it pays to differentiate yourself from your competition. If you can't find a difference, then make one up and point it out in your copy. If your potential customers don’t see the value in these differences, don’t expect your website to create more sales.

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