Parallax, the latest craze..

  • By Tim Simmons - Nov. 12th, 2015
  • Owner
  • TrueZeal

What is it?

Before I go too far, if you don't already know, parallax scrolling for websites is the latest craze. In layman’s terms, it's long scrolling pages that normally have full width and sometimes full screen images that scroll at a different speeds or directions. As you scroll down this page, you’ll see how cool it is. But...

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Why you need a professional copywriter.

  • By Jim Wilson - Sept. 30th, 2015
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • TrueZeal

Everybody can write. Right?

Well, not exactly. But it’s easy to think so. After all, we all wrote when we were in school. What’s more, we’re all bombarded with advertising messages from everything from our radios and TVs to our phones every day. So it’s easy to think “I can do that.”

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What is the objective of your website?

  • By Tim Simmons - Sept. 30th, 2015
  • Owner
  • TrueZeal

A better user experience means better business results.

Websites have a couple of practical purposes. They can be dedicated to lead and sales generation. Or they can be for entertainment or social purposes, education and information, or application and user tools. A website can also be a combination of any of these. But ideally there should be one main objective. Stay focused on that objective and you’ll improve your user experience.

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